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Unrefined Neem Oil

Unrefined Neem Oil

Now with unrefined neem oil the benefits are practically endless... that is if you can get over the tough smell. This is a safe oil and was unscented so its as pure as ever with the tough smelling neem. Although the smell isn't necessarily bad, its just a very strong smell.

But to list a few benefits you will truly understand that a little sacrifice of withstanding the smell for a little bit of time will yield you amazing results.

Its perfect for your skin and for your hair.

For hair:

- Strongly fights dandruff

- Lengthens hair 

- Promotes hair growth

- Fixes any damage in your hair

- Fights head lice

- Greatly moisturizes dry hair

- Treats fungal infections

- Prevents hair loss

- Reduces and prevents the prevalence of gray hair


For the skin:

- Moisturizes your skin

- Fights Acne

- Good anti-aging oil

- Treats any scarring, blackheads, or hyperpigmentation

- Acts as a great antibacterial barrier

- Protects against UV rays, pollution or toxins in the air

- Tones your skin by unclogging any pores

- Repairs and soothes inflammed skin

- Great insect repellant

- Good at healing some small wounds


This is a perfect buy for any household. Its also unscented and all natural so you can't go wrong with this oil.

  • Use

    For hair: You can apply as an overnight hair mask 1-2 times a week or apply with your conditioner and leave in the hair for 30 minutes before rinsing out 2-3 times a week.

    For skin: Apply a few drops to your hand and rub/evenly distribute onto desired area. 

    If using with a skincare routine simply use this after applying a cleanser.

  • Size

    4 oz/ 120 mL


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