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Prickly Pear skin care pakage ( soap, face mask and face serum)

Prickly Pear skin care pakage ( soap, face mask and face serum)

The benefits of Prickly pear fruit is endless

There are numerous health benefits that prickly pear extract can deliver to your skin, mainly because it’s packed full of vitamin E and vitamin K, linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids, and finally, a suite of phenolic compounds. Through these nutrients, prickly pear extract, one of the best antioxidants for skin, promotes skin health extends skin span through the following health benefits:

Skin Hydration and Smoothing

The fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid) found in prickly pear extract can replenish the beneficial oils that naturally dry up in

one’s skin with age1

Healthy Aging

Vitamins E and K have skin-softening properties, allowing them to aid in smoothing out and preventing the development of wrinkles associated with aging2.

Even Skin Tone

Experiencing uneven skin tone on your body or face? Certain phenolic compounds, such as the ones found in prickly pears, have been found to have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, which, when applied to hyperpigmentation, swelling, irritation, or blemishes, can cause them to fade3.

Prevention and Repair of UV Damage

The phenolic compounds in prickly pears also have the effect of shielding the skin from UV rays and reducing the adverse effects of overexposure to UV4

The package contains

The prickly pear soap that has the best benefits of

Cleansing , hydrating and brightening the skin with the great ingredients of prickly pear powder , mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter makes the benefits great for all types of skin.

Second it contains the prickly pear face mask with its ingredients of prickly pear powder, Rosehip powder, vitamin E and shea butter makes it the best deep cleansing mask to get rid of black heads, acne scars and dark spots.

Third the prickly pear fruit face serum is the best glowing hydrating and moustrizing serum as it contains the good ingredients that leave the skin glowing, glassy and clear

Plum oil

Prickly pear oil


And more

  • Face mask 1 Oz Face serum 60 ml Soap 100 grams

    To be continued

    The face serum ingredients

    Plum oil

    Raspberry oil

    Prickly pear oil

    Argon oil

    Almond oil

    Rosehip oil

    Seabuckthorn extract

    Distilled water

    Dl panthenol


    Vitamin E

    Germall plus

    Prickly pear cold pressed oil

    How to use

    Use the soap first to clean the face

    Apply the mask and leave it for 15 minutes

    Wash off then apply the serum and leave in

    Use the soap and serum daily at night

    Use the soap , clay and serum three days per week

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