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Charcoal shampoo Bar 100 grams

Charcoal shampoo Bar 100 grams

The charcoal has a lot of benefits for hair

Deep cleansing: Charcoal often shows up in "detoxifying" products or products meant to allow the hair a reset moment. It’s useful for oily, grease-prone hair and hair that's laden with product buildup because it helps “draw oils and trapped dead skin cells away from the scalp,

Absorbs oil: “It will also absorb excess sebum to help balance the scalp and keep the hair root and shaft from presenting as oily or appearing heavy and flat. It will also relieve build-up at the base of hair and scalp from excess product

it acts like a magnet attracting certain elements to be lifted and eliminated from the scalp, root, and hair shaft.”

charcoal is deoderizing," because it removes (sometimes smelly) impurities from the hair.

Anti-Itch/Healing: Charcoal can also relieve painful or unpleasant scalp conditions. “It can remedy itching scalp and prove to be helpful with patient populations who have acne or a super oily case of seborrheic dermatitis,”

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